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Which is stranger, fact or fiction? Which is truer?

In the same way a super-realist or hyper-realist painter uses the photographic to create a more intense and sometimes more emotional rendering, I use real lives.
In Memory of Fire Eduardo Galleaño “proposes to narrate the history of America…[in] a vast mosaic.” He composes with clips from the accounts of explorers and their slaves, from religious accounts and newspaper clippings, all in a swirl of chronology.

I use the geographic lens  of Raventon, a small and mythical town, to reconsider the rational. I seek to write a calculus of what is around me: the world we sniff at, the world at our fingertips and the tips of our tongues, what we see with/in our double takes.
Because one can see the world in a drop of dew, as per Andrew Marvell.
And human, sometimes more than human, we are bound together, despite ourselves.


rpf-smRun Plant Fly

A novel about the first virtual reality theme park as it forever alters the fabric of a small mountain town in the Pacific Northwest. Also available, an audio CD that tells this story in a different way. (Pika Press, 2003) More info…




And I have two novels in search of publication:


is in final draft. It tells the story of a woman scientist, Leona Wilds, who worked on the Manhattan Project, from her grad school days at the University of Chicago through the uncertainties immediately following the end of the war.
More info…



It is 1973, and big changes are coming to Tahoma, a sleepy farm town on the slopes of majestic Mt. Rainier. Real estate and rootedness collide. More info…