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Since you’re the proud owner of the e-book edition of Run Plant Fly, here’s a special deal for you:


ISBN 0-918957-25-7




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Say you’re watching a movie about a huge forest fire, and don’t realize the theater is burning, until you run outside and find yourself in a huge forest fire? Reading Ellie Belew’s fireball of a novel is like that. The edge between real and unreal keeps shifting, brightness brings darkness, and the lives of ordinary people in a small American town strike across each other and flare up into pain and beauty.

Ellie Belew writes with such a precision of language and breath of imagination that she’s able to shift through time, space, and the memories of her characters with a wonderful ease and grace. She’s a delightful writer.

In this her debut novel, Ellie Belew combines the care of a seamstress with the relentless honesty of an intrepid reporter. She reminds us that no small town is normal if you look at it closely and no small-town community is uninteresting if you expose its mysteries and secrets with compassion and understanding. The book unlayers Raventon, Washington, a one-time logging and mining town that is on its way down. Into this world comes the futuristic Simulator, a virtual entertainment center that one character describes as “somewhere between the Mall-of-America, Disney World, and a therapist.” The Simulator is hardly a curative for what ails people; the only curative is the truth that gradually surfaces in the lives of Belew’s many memorable characters. I admire this book both for its masterful construction and for its brave explorations of the complex human desires, fears, and needs in seemingly simple people.

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