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Oyez fancy webOyez Roslyn!

Poetry, music, pungent prose, stories about the land, visual wonders, and more! The only constant is spirited new work and conversation afterward, while the music plays on.
Hear ye, hear ye– listen up! It’s a series of cultural performances during the dark months (November-March). Always free, always fun.

While I was in EDGE (an invaluable professional development program for writers put on by Artist Trust), I decided to organize at least one reading, in Roslyn.
I had been to plenty of readings, and have done my share of reading.
I wanted to create a situation where the audience didn’t sit quietly in rows of folding chairs. Something other than a writer reading to other writers.
I wanted a comfortable place where you could have a good beer, strong coffee, maybe something to eat.
I also wanted those presenting work to stick around to hobnob with each other and those who’d been listening, rather than heading off into their private sunsets.
I wanted people in the greater Roslyn area, my friends and neighbors and whoever, to have the fun of a night of free cultural adventure, so we could gab about it later.

In April 2010 I pulled together a prototype reading at Marko’s. It’s been good times ever since.