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I am in the process of adding a more fluid listing of what capture my fancy and my focus.
For now, here are a few links from the past. Some are for inspiration, some are related to current projects, and some are invaluable to me as a writer.


The Simulator


Try Living Your Dreams! The Simulator® will take you on a journey to the past, the present, and the future.



Wild and ridiculously beautiful locomotion through any environment. Didn’t say it wouldn’t hurt. Parkour has become passé since I posted this…..

Jim Munroe and the no longer in

existence Perpetual Motion Roadshow


A creative Canadian fellow gets his ideas out and about in multimedia how and why.

Lingua Fresca

Language is always changing, even as we sleep.
Erudite and sarcastic comments on actual usage.
Wall Street Journal editor Paul R. Martin maintains a blog on “Style and Substance.”
What are the newest words? Keeping up with the Jones is not in any way like jonesing.
Like the human population, the population of words is constantly growing. Track trends in “Global English” and its progress toward one million words.
Word Spy “…devoted to expionage, the sleuthing of new words and phrases.”


From a Guillermo

Gómez-Peña cyber-communique

“…The recurring question is, where does one find the spiritual energy to continue when you don’t believe in mainstream politics, and institutionalized religion gives you the creeps? What to do when you are too old to belong to an underground subculture and participate in the global rave and too strange to get a chic job in academia?
“Where do we locate our dissent when dissent is a corporate product, an HBO special, a perfume? (Bad French accent) Parfame, dissent, anarchic, extreme, suicíde… or when kids can simply wear a t-shirt that says, “art is resistance” and think the job is done?

Topical Reading

Books for understanding: pick a topic scholars-of-the day have identified, and GASP!- educate yourself.
Books for Understanding, the online bibliography sponsored by the Association of American University Presses.


Work to improve contract language and intellectual property rights, and learn about standard practices and writing resources.

Jack Straw Productions

When is the last time you really listened?



Our local group worked for decades toward a balance of living forest and human activity. Here’s what we negotiated with a huge developer to see if we could stay alive as a rural community. Too bad it didn’t stick.
What was lost: the human and natural communities of upper Kittitas County lost an innovative contractual agreement that was the product of more than twenty years of community effort. This contract mitigated impacts of the Suncadia Master Planned Resort and defined a process for community-developer negotiations for the future.


SPARC (The Social and Public Art Resource Center) in Los Angeles

I heard Judy Baca, SPARC’s Artistic Director, give an incredible presentation on public art. So when I got the opportunity, I rented a car and toured a bunch of SPARC’s murals throughout LA.We are talking hundreds of murals (and now digital artworks) with true beauty, history, and relation to a specific community that helped research and create each one. Public art is a “site of public memory”when SPARC creates it,and they aren’t bragging when they talk about transforming communities in the process of making art.
The Great Wall of LA (micro-illustration at left) is something above and beyond anything I imagined: it’s huge (1/2 mile long!) and shows the history of LA from the La Brea Tar Pits to the civil rights movements of the 1960s. Not the history that put me to sleep during school, but the history of the place and the people who are part of LA–the Chumash Indian people, Dust Bowl Immigrants, the Zoot Suit Riots, Chavez Ravine (currently getting press because of a Ry Cooder CD and film project by this name), the Beats– you need to go to this site and take a gander.

Indie Bound (formerly Booksense)

If you want to have a wide range of interesting books in print, buy them through your local bookstore.