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I am adding characters here as they appear in the Isotopian Almanac.

LEONA WILDS, as a grad student at University of Chicago in 1942, she is swept into the very beginnings of the Manhattan Project. Smart as she is, she must use more than her scientific skills to entice senior scientists to bring her along as the top-secret project grows, shifting its focus from theoretical research to actual production, and relocating key personnel to the Hanford Engineering Works in Washington State. Once Leona is there, she cannot ignore the forceful presence of the place itself, especially the vast Columbia River.

(DOMINIC) NICO VERDI, “architect of the atomic bomb.” Nobel prize-winning theoretical and experimental physicist who, with his family, defected from Italy. He co-designed and supervised the world’s first nuclear reactor at University of Chicago, then continued work on the Manhattan Project at Hanford and Los Alamos.

SOPHIA VERDI, wife of Nico and mother of their two children. Her treatment as a Jew, under the Italian Racial Laws of 1938, precipitated her family’s permanent departure from Italy.

LEO SYZYGY An egghead’s egghead of a physicist, a Hungarian Jew, and a documented troublemaker. Unfortunately, he was also the man who had goaded President Roosevelt into pursuing the Bomb.

GENERAL DROVES Big and round and deft, he has an eye for his secretary but an honor code that keeps him on the straight and narrow. Assigned the entirety of the Manhattan Project as a military project, Droves does everything he can to make its scientists conform to military secrecy.